Shipping Container Tracker

A comprehensive solution for companies that ship with products by container load or truck load with multiple POs

Simplify and empower your shipping process

Container Tracker can easily load multiple purchase orders (POs) onto a shipment and assist with weight and dimension allowances, allowing for landed costs to be allocated back to the POs within Macola in a variety of ways. Select views and reports based on what information is important to their business to streamline processes and information coming from and then going back into Macola when the shipments arrive at their location.


Increase Digital Visibility and Tracking

See all activity relating to a container including AP and PO information

Configure container with contents and suppliers

Easily split up your container into it’s individual components for further detail

Purchase Order (PO) Management

Many search filters to quickly pinpoint and select multiple POs to add to a container

Custom Configurations

Adjustable fields, personalized display, options for creating AP entries and extra fields