Technical Support for Macola

Technical support enhances the value of your investment by answering questions about specific functionality, processing techniques or a variety of "How-To" approaches.
How to contact

Our Support Team

Our Hours Our telephone desk is open 8AM EST to 5PM MST Monday to Friday.
Phone Support concerns can be sent leaving a message at +1.403.202.0577
E-mail Support concerns can be sent by email to
What is the Harvest Ventures

Technical Support Process?

Harvest provides hourly professional services on an as-needed basis. A critical problem where down time or inconvenience is being caused by an issue will be escalated as quickly as possible.

For planned work that can be anticipated, such as upgrades, inventory counts, month ends, Harvest will schedule a staff member or team to be available on short notice. Harvest monitors support issues generated by clients, providing training courses to support areas that require higher-than-normal support requests.
  • 1. First Line of Support
    Harvest Support consultants refer to our internal documentation which provides them a baseline of your operations, customizations and settings. This will speed up the process in orienting how you use the system and the effect this can have on your issue.
  • 2. Second Line of Support
    Call our office at 403.202.0577. if we have no available staff to assist you immediately, a description of the issue will start a log for a call back or an email to is also helpful to send in screenshots, reports or other additional information that illustrates the issue. Futhermore, our team can set up an online Microsoft Teams session to shadow you to view issues remotely or if appropriate, our consultants can also visit the site.
  • 3. Third Line of Support
    Harvest partners with Exact as well as the reseller community at large to see how other organizations have addressed issues you face. We access this larger body of knowledge where appropriate to present all the options to you.