BirdDog eCommerce

Birddog Software offers a complete Omni-Commerce experience tailored for Macola. Our collaborative approach provides you with support and expertise for an eCommerce integrated with Macola.

how can Birddog Software enhance your

Macola eCommerce?

100% ERP Integration

Link your website and Macola together to manage your business

Install Local or Hosted

BirdDog is committed to being flexible in your website hosting

Manage eCommerce through Macola

Fully supports Macola’s pricing structure for Customers and Items

Secure Online Payment Processing

Orders placed through your website will go straight to Macola’s back office Order Entry

Website Branding, Design and Content Management

Work with BirdDog web designers to get a personalized website design

Guest Checkout

Instant order processing with real-time pricing, stock checks, customer-specific pricing and discounts