Macola Business
Automation Tools (BATs)

BATs are software tools created by Harvest Ventures that enhance, automate and deepen your Macola system and experience. Our BATs can fill a functional gap in Macola, further enhance Macola functionality or aid in creating and modifying large amounts of data

Why should you use our

Macola BATs?

Ready Out-of-the-Box

Our BATs work with your Macola system with a quick installation. You can enhance, automate, and deepen your Macola experience

Enhanced Efficiency

Our BATs help you stay ahead of your competition with more efficient operations. Speed up your process and automate your process

Infinitely Customizable

We can program our BATs to fit any mold that your Macola system requires. Any problem you can think of is solvable with our BATs

BATs for

Accounts Payable/ Receivable

Streamline the accounts payable process by reducing large amounts of data entry and therefore the chance of error.

BATs for

Data Management

Whether you need to import sales orders from an eCommerce website, add new items and accounts from a recently acquired business, implement a new item number schema or speed up access to information

BATs for

Inventory / purchasing

Information such as shipping container locations and additional stocking units of measure can be captured within Macola screens for better visibility, consistency and analysis

Excels Tools for

Data Management

Accelerate and expand your Macola system with our Excel tools. Add ODB files to transactions or clean up your system for a faster experience.