Third Party Solutions

We've partnered with other software and hardware companies to provide solutions for all your business challenges

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Business Challenges?

Warehouse Management

The Warehouse Management System enhances Macola's robust inventory management functionality by automating the tracking and processing of material moving through the warehouse

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Manufacturing in Macola

LYNQ Silver Partner - White

Replace spreadsheets and manual calculations  to gain competitive advantage in today’s market without having to change your core systems

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Manual Data Entry

If you receive large amounts of paper invoices or purchase orders, Harvest Ventures can provide a solution to save you time by reducing the data entry associated with these formats

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eCommerce and website

Birddog Software offers a complete Omni-Commerce experience tailored for Macola

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Bluestar Hardware

We've partnered Bluestar to offer WMS ready hardware solutions for your warehouses

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GL Reporting

An easy-to-use financial reporting tool that links your general ledger data to Microsoft Excel with customized reporting, planning, and analytics

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Forecasting System

Forecast Pro is an off-the-shelf software integrated with Macola creates statistically-based accurate forecasts. Designed specifically for business forecasters

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Macola WMS Issues

We can help with the Warehouse Management for your business!

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Exact Software Issues

We sell, support and understand Exact's ERP product line

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