Bluestar Hardware Solutions

We're partnered with BlueStar to provide Honeywell mobile devices including rugged barcode scanners, printers and mobile computers for use with your Macola manufacturing and distribution warehouse operations
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hardware for a Macola warehouse

Bluestar provides the hardware tools necessary to run a warehouse management system with Macola. Print labels on the floor, scan barcodes and keep an accurate view of your inventory levels on mobile computers with Bluestar’s hardware solutions. Harvest Ventures has partnered with Bluestar to ensure the perfect hardware for your Macola warehouse.
  • Integrated with Macola
  • Many hardware solutions
  • Experienced WMS experts
  • Rugged quality hardware
  • Many WMS apps
  • Proven hardware

We are a full partner that understands and sells Bluestar Hardware solutions


How can Bluestar’s solutions benefit

Your Macola warehouse?

Works directly with WMS software

We support WiSys and Macola WMS apps

Rugged hardware

Quality dust, drop, and water-proof devices

Future proof your warehouse

Android OS allows for software updates

Digitize your warehouse

Adds connectivity, data capture and increase productivity

Support for your systems

Harvest Ventures understands what hardware you need

Perfect device for each warehouse

Bluestar has many many hardware options to fit your warehouse