ECi Macola WMS

Harvest Ventures supports and customizes ECi Macola WMS - digitize your warehouse and fully utilize systems with your purchase of Macola.
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Macola WMS

For any company with a warehouse, it is important to have inventory management in order. Macola Warehouse Management System (WMS) digitizes your physical flow of goods and optimizes your logistics process. Macola WMS helps you deliver the right items to your customers on time and keep costs limited. Order picking is a challenging task - as many orders should be collected in the shortest amount of possible time. WMS software helps with this, by generating optimal walking routes and pointing out the right location. Because both item and location are scanned, the chance of error decreases enormously.

We support and customize
Macola WMS


Macola powered Warehouse?

Increased Delivery Reliability

Improve customer satisfaction and achieve higher margins

Reduced chance of

Pick orders with a barcode scanner and save cost, hassle and returns

Integration with Macola

Accounting is accurate and up to date due to inventory being real-time

Scalable order picking

Additional employees can be deployed during peak periods

Generate the ideal route to pick

Automate the logistical process by mapping out your warehouse

Optimize your stock

Easily report your stock vs the flow of goods