Universal Data Loader Imports & Exports

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This is a great tool for application and report developers as it provides a view of the table structures including field names and data types from any table in SQL Server including all Macola ERP tables.

The Universal Data Loader is also a useful tool to import Vendor, Customer, GL Account and Human Resources data directly into Macola. Often this functionality is used when interfacing existing data from an old ERP or accounting system.

With your Excel spreadsheet in correct format, the Universal Data Loader will import Macola data directly into your Macola ERP software. This prevents the need for manual entry, saving time and reducing opportunity for errors.

Efficiently update your existing data. For instance, your inventory files by creating an Excel spreadsheet with only the fields you wish to update from the Macola Item Master and/or Item Location tables. Create filters so that you can update one record or all Items in the system and save your selections in a template file for later use.

  • Updates or imports Macola tables from Excel spreadsheets - save time and reduce errors with data validation through Excel.
  • Export Macola tables in correct Excel format for re-import/updates.
  • New data can easily be arranged in Excel into the predefined format and imported into your Macola database with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Select ranges of records for Export.
  • Identifies key index fields and checks for duplication.