TrakWear Apparel Matrix for Macola ERP Software

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If you are a manufacturer or distributor in the shoe and apparel industry who needs to track product attributes such as size matrix, colour, style, width, season, etc., TrakWear can help you manage this easily within Macola and Progression ERP software.

With TrakWear, you can manage your products according to their unique attributes through the entire manufacturing and/or distribution cycle - purchase orders, allocation to inventory, tracking, sales orders and billing.

This Business Automation Tool allows you to easily identify trends to ensure you have enough product on hand to avoid disappointing customers, lost sales and inventory shortages.

In addition, you can carefully monitor sales and stock levels to avoid the expense of having excess inventory.

You can accomodate retailer requirements since TrakWear will work with UPS barcodes, EDI and eCommerce applications with little to no additional configuration in most cases.

This utility is easy to use with simple point and click actions, reports are displayed in an easy to read format and screens can be configured based on user requirements.


  • Allocate orders between current inventory and open WIP
  • Integrates with UPS barcodes, EDI and eCommerce software
  • Purchase, track, order and allocate products according to style matrix
  • Easy to use point and click actions, drill down functionality and configurable interfaces