Synergy Security Role for Workspaces

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Harvest Ventures has developed a security feature to disable the workspaces function for specific users.

Some companies wish to provide one common workspace to their users for ease of training and support or even security.

Harvest Ventures’ workspaces customization is role based and limits the ability to:

  1. create new workspaces
  2. modify existing workspaces
  3. or access the workspaces catalogue

In Exact Synergy or the business process management component of Macola 10, all standard users can modify their own workspace by clicking the plus icon in the bottom right corner and adding widgets. Users can also open the Workspaces Catalogue from the right-hand menu where they can access additional workspaces shared by other users.

New workspaces can also be created by standard users from the ‘Create’ menu in the top right.

Harvest Ventures’ customization removes these abilities from standard users by requiring a user to have a specific role to access the workspace functions. Meaning the user can only use the workspace that’s provided to them and nothing else.