If a business can monitor and act on any event or non-event relevant to the organization, the response can engage decision-makers as soon as the event or exception happens, preventing unmanageable problems.

Exact's event management solutions go beyond standard Business Activity Monitoring, which normally defines only those events important to your organization. This enables your business to also take into account non-events, trends or triggers.

Proactively trigger automatic corrections immediately when problems or changes occur with any department, project, event or customer activity.

Business Benefits:

  • Enables notification of personnel at the moment that critical business issues occur, allowing immediate corrective action.
  • Monitors the business for non-changes, enabling management to recognize whether or not something serious is occurring.
  • Detects important changes that can affect customer relationships, such as expiring contracts, price increases, or changes in credit limits.
  • Pinpoints trends and issues in the business through analysis of exception information and patterns across multiple systems.
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