ERP for Industry Compliance

Today, many companies adopt these guidelines and require suppliers to adhere to such standards. The most prolific set of compliance guidelines are those set out by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Within this set of guidelines, there are many subsets: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14000, QS 9000 (ISO/TS16949:2002)), TL 9000 and others. The net desired result of any ISO 9001:2000 certification is to ensure continuous improvement with respect to the quality of products manufactured and delivered. Exact Software's Synergy can be a tool to bridge the gaps encountered by organizations facing ISO.

As a browser-based application that ties all the loose ends together, Synergy eliminates the need for sub-systems that are disconnected from the core ERP application. Exact Synergy enables an organization to ensure that any non-conformance in product is identified, tagged to the customer, the product in question, and even tracked down to the person responsible for the production of the specific product set. Exact Synergy even allows customers to initiate the non-conformance themselves through a customer portal, simply extending the reach of your quality management system (QMS) into the hands of the final beneficiary of your ISO certification.

In the world of ISO certification, the entire organization becomes a fundamental stakeholder in continuous improvement and quality systems. Businesses going through this process need to ensure that the entire organization becomes a part of the ISO certification, without creating separate isolated and fragmented electronic and manual ISO guides, policies and procedures. Much of ISO 9001:2000 focuses on root causes as these pertain to non-conformance. For the most part, all products are manufactured by people (resources). As such, all people need to have the right tools to perform the job at hand, so that non-conformance is minimized. ISO mandates that on-the-job training occurs in a continuous fashion, helping to identify where issues may persist, based on the abilities and skills of those people involved with the manufacturing process.

Business Benefits:

  • Resource-centric Application: allows organizations to store and maintain employee records in detail, including characteristics such as skills, competencies, certifications, etc...

  • Simple & Effective Dashboard: indicates who has attended training and when, making certification process extremely simple. Allows organizations to define training requests, programs, and initiate training requirements by employee at any time, from anywhere.

  • Embedded Document Management: allows for the storage and management of the defined quality manual, along with policies, procedures and forms. The powerful nature of the document management capabilities within Exact Synergy, such as versioning and publishing, provides organizations with the ability to ensure that all relevant ISO documents are stored within a single database, integrated with customers, suppliers, items and resources.

  • Workflow format enables recording and analysis of non-conformance and corrective actions. Also allows real time customer interaction within QMS via customer portal.
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