Solutions to Common Business Challenges

  • ChronoScan Document Data Capture ChronoScan Document Data Capture

    If your business receives paper or digital orders and invoices from your customers and vendors, take a look at this tool. Combined with Harvests' Business Automation tools, you can get that scanned data directly into Macola as orders and invoices.

  • Warehouse Management Warehouse Management

    A good warehouse management system that is integrated with a business' ERP software will reduce manual tasks and improve accuracy while updating inventory levels in real-time resulting in improved customer service and faster turn around times.


    Smart Manager is a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution that integrates with Macola Software. Replace spreadsheets and manual calculations and revolutionize your company to gain competitive advantage in today’s market without having to change your core systems.

  • Quality Management Software Quality Management Software

    Quality Management Software is designed to support the processes, documentation and data capture requirements of industry and regulatory compliance initiatives. When integrated with ERP software, manufacturers can improve efficiency, customer service and gain competitive advantage.

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

    For businesses with high transaction volume and extensive data entry requirements, EDI can help reduce the administrative workload and support compliance requirements with various trading partners. Harvest Ventures has partnered with EDI providers who have extensive experience in working with Macola and Exact ERP software to offer our clients a choice for what best suits their needs.

  • Payment Processing Payment Processing

    Collecting payment from customers and submitting payments to suppliers is a part of day to day business. Making these tasks more efficient can save businesses money by reducing administrative time spent on issuing invoices and cheques. There are simple, easy to implement tools that can streamline payment processing and reduce the amount of administrative time required.

  • Order management Order management

    Sales orders are the mainstay of a business but the order management process is often overlooked when identifying opportunities to increase efficiency. By streamlining the order entry process, businesses can get orders onto the shop floor and into the hands of the customer on time with less errors and the focus can remain on quality.

  • Industry Compliance Industry Compliance

    Most businesses are involved in some sort of compliance initiative whether it be voluntary or mandatory. Managing compliance (ISO, HAACP, FDA, SOX, etc.) requires a consistent set of business processes and a centralized system for documenting and storing compliance related activity so that all work is traceable and visible for auditing purposes. Exact's ERP software provides the framework for managing the processes and documentation required to maintain compliance.

  • eCommerce eCommerce

    With integrated eCommerce, a company can grow and manage online businesses across multiple sales channels, websites and international regions. Separate B2B and B2C websites can be published from the same control panel, each with its own pricing, content, promotions and purchase rules for dealers, distributors, retailers and OEMs.

  • Inventory Management Inventory Management

    Inventory is a business's largest assets whether it's products or man hours. A company's inventory must be purchased, stored, managed and accounted for accurately to ensure there is enough product/hours on hand to complete projects and ship orders on time. Your ERP system's foundation should be built around inventory (items) so that you can set up and track all inventory in as much detail as required for your industry.

  • Freight Management Freight Management

    Efficient shipping and receiving processes can save businesses time and money. There are some simple yet effective tools that work seamlessly with Macola and Exact ERP software to automate and track specific aspects of the shipping and receiving process.

  • Optimize Operating Performance Optimize Operating Performance

    A proactive approach to business management can set a company ahead of their competition. Having a system in place that monitors data combined with automated alerts and triggers to take action, allows businesses to act on opportunities immediately and address any issues quickly. Automating these tasks with software lets employees focus on what they're best at rather than scanning through data and reports.

  • Customer Service Consistency Customer Service Consistency

    A critical component to achieve complete customer satisfaction is ensuring your team has access to all the relevant information at any time from any where. The key to high quality customer service is the ability for everyone in your firm to quickly access useful data and share this information.

  • Reduce Administrative Costs Reduce Administrative Costs

    Many administrative functions can be automated which reduces the risk of errors and can save businesses considerable amounts of time and money. This area of the business is can be considered a 'low hanging fruit' when it comes to improving business efficiency.

  • Real Time Financial Views Real Time Financial Views

    Businesses succeed on their ability to continuously create profit by generating revenue and controlling costs. When the dollars and cents are understood, smarter business decisions are made, increasing profits. Accurate, consistent, timely financial information that is easily delivered gives companies the ability to make smarter decisions. With global competition and mandatory regulatory compliance, successful financial management is a considerable challenge.