BATs for Sales and Order Entry in Macola

Freight Allocation Utility

Item No.: B2350

Minimize the need to re-key data by automating the freight allocation process in Macola ERP software. Enter a voucher, allocate to appropriate transactions and create an AP Entry all in one smooth process.

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OE Rental Tracking

Item No.: B2650

This utility provides several flexible options for tracking and managing rental items within Macola.

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Scan to Order Entry

Item No.: S1000

Paper and PDF purchase orders can be scanned and imported into Macola as orders with minimal user intervention.

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Import Sales Orders into Macola from Excel

Item No.: B2400

The Macola Import Utility allows users to import master data such as open sales orders into Macola and Progression ERP software from Excel.

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Extended OE Price Contracts and Code Updates

Item No.: B1100

Create and manage additional detailed price codes beyond the standard Macola Price Contracts.

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Dual Units of Measure and Catch Weight

Item No.: B1500

Multiple Units of Measure and Catch weight functionality for Macola and Progression ERP software allows users to store two or more units-of-measure parallel but independent from each other throughout each business transaction which is based on actual data.

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Credit Card Processing

Item No.: B1900

The credit card processing utility for Macola is designed to save time and money by reducing data entry and streamlining the authorization process.

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Greenlight Freight Quoting

Item No.: G1000

This freight quoting solution extracts order details directly from the ERP software and simultaneously displays freight rates from multiple carriers with the click of a button.

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TrakWear Apparel Matrix for Macola ERP Software

Item No.: T1000

For manufacturers and distributors in the shoe and apparel industry, TrakWear helps you manage your style matrix easily within Macola ERP software.

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Create Customers from Macola Order Entry Screen

Item No.: B3250

Save time in Macola Order Entry by not having to navigate to a separate screen to set up a new customer. With this business automation tool, users can set up a new customer while entering their first order!

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Create Sales Orders

Item No.: B2250

Harvest Ventures Create Sales Orders utility allows the user to automatically generate sales orders from Exact Synergy workflow requests.

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Tariff Calculator

Item No.: B3750

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Surcharge Calculator

Item No.: B3800

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Special Order Views

Item No.: B3500

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Prices Calculator for Boxes

Item No.: B3850

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OE to Transfer

Item No.: B3450

When a sales order is entered in Macola, it can trigger an inventory transfer from another location

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Item Number Configuration Tool

Item No.: B3650

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Intercompany Sales and Purchase Order

Item No.: B3950

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Additional Item Info View

Item No.: B3900

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