BATs for Purchasing and Inventory Management

Enhanced Purchase Order View

Item No.: B2100

Harvest Ventures' Enhanced Purchase Order View utility allows the user to quickly, and easily, view the current purchase orders and efficiently monitor all of the purchasing that is accounted for at a warehouse level.

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Import Open Purchase Orders into Macola from Excel

Item No.: B3350

Import open purchase orders from Excel into Macola ERP with this easy to use Business Automation Tool from Harvest Ventures.

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Inventory Transfer Automation

Item No.: B1600

The Inventory Transfer Utility is designed to allow mass transfers of items from one location to another.

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On Line Editor To Update Min/Max and Shelf Locations

Item No.: B1700

This easy to use Editor gives you many filters to select the group of items to update.

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Project Focused Procurement and Time Control

Item No.: B1300

This tool offers an expanded project dossier function to collect time to a project and also supports the procurement process.

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Return to Vendor Automation

Item No.: B1800

Harvest Venture's Return to Vendor Automation utility keeps your returned goods quantity separated and visible for follow up with suppliers on pending credit memos.

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Shipping Container Tracking and Setup

Item No.: B1350

Container Tracking is a tool that assists companies that ship products by container load or truck load with multiple POs and want to simplify the processes associated with the shipments.

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TrakWear Apparel Matrix for Macola ERP Software

Item No.: T1000

For manufacturers and distributors in the shoe and apparel industry, TrakWear helps you manage your style matrix easily within Macola ERP software.

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Tariff Calculator

Item No.: B3750

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Surcharge Calculator

Item No.: B3800

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SSRS Inventory Management (IM) Package

Item No.: B3550

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Pump Tracker

Item No.: B3700

Track the full cycle of pumps from creation, installation and repair and monitor performance. Integrates with Macola ERP software for full functionality through to billing.

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OE to Transfer

Item No.: B3450

When a sales order is entered in Macola, it can trigger an inventory transfer from another location

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Item Number Configuration Tool

Item No.: B3650

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Additional Item Info View

Item No.: B3900

More details about this item coming soon!

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Intercompany Sales and Purchase Order

Item No.: B3950

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