Business Automation Tools (BATs) for Accounts Payable

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Item No.: B2900

Harvest Ventures' EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) utility provides Macola users with the functionality to create EFT export files for any bank or currency.

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Enhanced Purchase Order View

Item No.: B2100

Harvest Ventures' Enhanced Purchase Order View utility allows the user to quickly, and easily, view the current purchase orders and efficiently monitor all of the purchasing that is accounted for at a warehouse level.

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Freight Allocation Utility

Item No.: B2350

Minimize the need to re-key data by automating the freight allocation process in Macola ERP software. Enter a voucher, allocate to appropriate transactions and create an AP Entry all in one smooth process.

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Import Open Purchase Orders into Macola from Excel

Item No.: B3350

Import open purchase orders from Excel into Macola ERP with this easy to use Business Automation Tool from Harvest Ventures.

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Return to Vendor Automation

Item No.: B1800

Harvest Venture's Return to Vendor Automation utility keeps your returned goods quantity separated and visible for follow up with suppliers on pending credit memos.

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Accounts Payable Voucher as Received and Mass Entry Tool

Item No.: B1000

This tool is designed to speed up your entry of Accounts Payable (AP) vouchers clearing multiple Purchase Order (PO) receipts on a single screen.

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Scan to AP Voucher

Item No.: S1100

Paper and PDF invoices can be scanned and imported into Macola as orders with minimal user intervention.

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Import Accounts Payable (AP) from Excel

Item No.: B2000

This import utility is great for repetitive entries, such as dividing up payroll entries as well as assigning and distributing overhead costs.

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Positive Pay Approved Payments with your Bank

Item No.: B2950

The Positive Pay utility maps Macola data to the specific file layout requirements of each bank, creates the export file of the approved payments for each payment run, and also sends void or cancellation cheque data as updates.

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ACH (Automated Clearing House) File Export

Item No.: B3000

Harvest's newest utility provides Macola users with the functionality to generate Automated Clearing House (ACH) output files for submission to various banks. Files can be created from AP cheque runs as well as Excel spreadsheets.

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