Shipping Container Tracking and Setup

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With Container Tracker, companies can easily load multiple purchase orders (POs) onto a shipment. Container Tracker will assist with weight and dimension allowances, allowing for landed costs to be allocated back to the POs within Macola in a variety of ways. Clients using Container Tracker are able to select views and reports based on what information is important to their business to streamline processes and information coming from and then going back into Macola when the shipments arrive at their location.

Container Tracker allows you to:

  • Use Macola project or job numbers for easy visibility and tracking in Exact Synergy.
  • Select multiple lines from multiple POs from different suppliers to fill your container.
  • Select the columns to be displayed in the grid.
  • Edit the container as required and track multiple expected receipt dates.
  • Receive all POs in the container via one-click method.
  • Allocate landing costs in a variety of ways.
  • Track estimates and actuals for landed costs by container.
  • Dynamically calculate weights and volumes as you load the container.
  • Assign invoices to various PO lines.
  • Add Invoices and costs to Brokerage/Customs, etc.
  • Fill your container at a variety of shipping points.
  • Name all appropriate fields to meet your needs with flexible client setup.

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