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If your business receives high volumes of paper or PDF invoices from your suppliers, this solution can save you significant time by reducing data entry.

Once files are scanned into PDF format, this solution reads the file and imports the data into Macola as AP Vouchers.

[BROCHURE] ChronoScan: Document Processing Automation

[BROCHURE] ChronoScan: Scan documents and import into Macola


  • Recognition of commonly received forms/purchase orders
  • PDF to CSV and XML conversion
  • Database lookup to validate and auto fill
  • Zonal OCR recognition and Nuance OCR Plug-in
  • Barcode reading capabilities
  • PDF data extraction
  • User defined mapping provides flexibility
  • Allows direct import from worksheet name
  • Import mappings can be saved as templates
  • Defaults can be set for fields as required

Focus your time on cost savings and other priorities rather then entering data!