PULSE DASHBOARD is revolutionary software from Leahy Consulting that lets you leverage your Macola system in a new way with real-time display of vital business metrics, and detailed analysis with the click of a mouse. You will be able to track critical factors for your business, on-screen and real-time.

Over the past decade, the Leahy Consulting team developed over 4,000 custom Crystal reports and numerous custom programming utilities to assist customers to make better decisions. Your Macola database stores all the raw data, but some critical information is not provided by the standard software. Our vision has been to combine many of our custom reports and utilities into a single product to provide real-time, company-wide information and allow users to easily generate custom reports. The Pulse Dashboard Reporting software is the result of our vision.

Leahy started PULSE in 2005 with Excel-based historical reporting software. By adding several new features such as Items Causing Backorders & Shortages; Inventory Turns, On-Time Shipping, Vendor Delivery Performance, etc., the software now provides needed information to pro-actively manage your company a tough economy.

Business Benefits:

  • Manage with real-time data, on-screen, company-wide, all the time.
  • Inconsistencies between reports from different departments are eliminated.
  • One-click drill-down to view details & One-click report writer generates custom reports.
  • Export all graphs, charts and reports to Excel/printer/PDF/e-mail.