Video Demos of Macola ERP Software

Macola 10: A Single Solution to Automate, Manage And Grow Your Business
Find out if Macola 10 would be a good fit for your business in this overview video and demonstration.

Reinventing workspaces. More customizable for your needs
There are over 40 dashboards that come out-of-the-box with Macola 10 ERP software. Take a look at these and learn what workspaces are all about.

Powerful workflows. Working smarter not harder
Learn about workflows and how they can formalize your business processes, ensure follow through and increase productivity.

Built-in CRM tracks key customer information
See how customers, suppliers, dealers and other contacts are integrated seamlessly across your entire organization with Macola 10 ERP software.

All your financials. All in one place
With Macola 10, see how you can aggregate your financial data from multiple divisions for a 360 degree view of your business.

Take the guesswork out of forecasting
Macola 10 integrates with Forecast Pro which amplifies Macola’s inherent forecasting capabilities for material planning and procurement.

Business Intelligence in Macola 10
Macola 10 integrates with Qlik business intelligence giving you an enhanced, graphical view of your organizational data.

Macola 10.2 Demo
Learn about the new features of Macola 10 ERP software and see the new mobile app in action!

Macola 10 Demo: Theme 1 - Core ERP
Watch how easy it is to handle price changes and create new items!

Macola 10 Demo: Theme 2 - Configurable Workspaces
Learn how to set up workspaces specifically for job roles and functions - save your users time and clicks!

Macola 10 Demo: Theme 3 - Business Process Management
Macola 10 seamlessly integrates external data such as emails into your business process. This video demonstrates the point with order inquiries and purchase orders.

Macola 10 Demo: Theme 4 - Business Activity Monitoring
Automate and record the sending of order aknowledgements, shipping notifications with tracking numbers using Business Activity Monitoring tools with Macola 10.

Order to Cash Process
Watch how easy it is to receive and process orders from your customers using Macola 10 ERP software.