Macola Distribution Imports

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This tool will allow you to interface OE Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Items, Customers and Vendors from your external Excel data directly into Macola and Progression. It can handle Binned and Serial / Lot items, OE Cash entries and OE to PO link.

The dynamic mapping tool allows any source layout to be mapped to Macola tables and the user is able to define the mapping. Data can be in the form of text or spreadsheets in an Excel file.

  • User Defined Mapping From Excel to Macola / Progression
  • Can import from Excel file, including text or spreadsheets
  • Allows for creation of new Customers, Update of existing Customers
  • Allows for creation of new Items and Update of existing Items
  • Direct import from Worksheet name
  • Handles Binned and Serial / Lot Items
  • Handles OE Cash Entries
  • Handles OE to PO link
  • Can save multiple import mapping set ups
  • Can export mapping
  • Save your settings per import sheet
  • Import and export existing set ups
  • Add Defaults to all fields as required
  • Configuration Tool to embed dynamic logic based on Excel data
  • Can be set to Do Items Only, Customers Only, Orders Only or any Combination
  • Will Create and Update Items, Customers and Orders

Business Benefits

  • Each Field allows for defaults, lookups in other tables, and mapping from files.
  • Adds or updates Customers and Items if required on the fly.
  • Supports Macola functions such as Kits and Allocations.
  • Verification on items, pricing, and quantities.