Macola ERP Software Customer Testimonials

“Not only does it give us access to information we didn’t have before, but it saves a lot of time."
- Don McCall, Director of IT, G.L. Mezzetta, Inc.

"We can customize it to fit our business without shelling out millions of dollars to make that happen. So it really allows us to modify it to run our business,”
- Karen Hartley, Director of IT, HFI, LLC

“We selected Macola 10 to propel Interflex into the 21st centry. Macola 10 just brings us forward and opens up doors more importantly. It's set up to be a world class ERP system.”
- Adrian Alday, VP Finance, Interflex Group

"The biggest benefit to us with Exact Macola Software is, I know that I can grow to 10 to 20 times our size, and they'll be able to grow with us."
- Philip Allen, President, Owner and CEO, Grace Engineered Products, Inc

"...everyone has been very positive in my building relationships with them to explain what we need at Woodstock Farms and how we need to make use of the functionality and leverage that to help our business grow"
- David Irwin, Director of Finance, Woodstock Farms Manufacturing

“ don’t just feel like a customer, you feel like you are part of the family…we love Macola.”
- Denise Johnson, Owner/President, Rite Way Manufacturing

"'s all about the planning. Go through your processes, come up and develop process flows for each department, make sure you get everybody involved with it."
- Shane Wallace, Director of IT, Behrmann Company