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Lockbox Cash Receipts Import Utility is a Business Automated Tool (BAT) designed to offer simple and safe ways to import customer lockbox receipts directly into Macola. Like other Harvest BATs, this product is ideal for current Macola users who are looking to fill a gap of missing functionality in their specific software program. Although Lockbox was initially developed to process batches of Wachovia lockbox files, it is a well-rounded and capable utility that can adapt to any lockbox file. Lockbox import files contain the customer name, the amount paid, and the invoice number(s); however, they do not contain Macola customer numbers.

The processing steps performed by the Lockbox utility include:

  1. Identification of the Macola customer number based on invoice number
  2. Determination of whether the invoice number meets valid criteria
  3. Determination of whether payments match the appropriate invoice number
  4. Processing of payments that cover multiple invoice numbers
  5. Determination of whether the invoice has previously been fully or partially paid
  6. Exception conditions are brought to your attention to allow you to change the customer number or invoice number, if needed
  7. Batch payments totals are approved before posting to Macola
  8. Once approved, the batch is imported and matched using the EX SML import program

Business Benefits

Eliminate Tedious Processes

The Lockbox utility helps to erase hours of tedious keying and proofreading by eliminating the need to manually re-key banking receipts. This increases the efficiency of your banking process by preventing errors from occurring. With fewer mistakes, your company will have more time and resources to devote to other issues.

Improve Management

Lockbox improves the management of your company by facilitating the organization of human resources. Your staff will spend less time locating and finding mistakes incurred from manually entering numerous customer payments. This means that you will be able to allocate employee time more effectively and resourcefully.


Lockbox can be tailored to your specific business needs and adapt to any lockbox file. While Lockbox import files do not contain Macola customer numbers, they do contain customer names, amounts to be paid, and invoice numbers. The system will use this information to locate the correct payment to apply the deposit and complete the entry. Once the mapping to your specific Lockbox format has been completed, you will not need to map again unless there is a change in the format.

Unlimited Support

Harvest provides unlimited phone support to assist you when you have questions or technical issues. Our support team can also connect with users through email correspondence or set up online Webex sessions to shadow users and see issues remotely.

  • Quickly imports and matches customer payments to invoices
  • Simplified mapping for your specific Lockbox format
  • You can simply change the mapping if the format changes
  • Eliminate manual re-keying of banking receipts