Speed system performance: shrink Macola GL records

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Many companies have years of incredibly detailed information saved in the Macola General Ledger (GL) tables. This information takes up a lot of database space and will slow searches, reports, views, backups and other activity. However, Macola needs this information to dynamically calculate starting balances in the various cards and views.

With the Harvest Compress utility, detailed information for a period of time is compressed, depending on rules selected by the user. The detailed records are deleted, and a summary record which accurately represents the financial values of all the detailed records is inserted.

This greatly reduces the size and row count within the GL tables.

Once these are compressed, the tool will allow the user to delete unneeded sub ledger records.

This tool, when used in conjunction with proper database management, can reduce database size and improve performance.

This utility will compress any account on the Balance Sheet or Income Statement using the grouping options available. Harvest Ventures provides numerous options for choosing how to group records to retain the level of detail needed while saving space in the database. In addition, the user has the option to delete compressed records or move them to an archive location.

Consolidate records by:

  • GL Account
  • Customer / Vendor
  • Project
  • Cost Centre
  • Cost Unit
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