Freight Allocation Utility

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The Freight Allocation utility by Harvest Ventures will reduce the need to switch screens and re-key data by providing users with custom functionality to enter a voucher, allocate to appropriate purchase orders and create an AP entry in one efficient process flow.

It is very similar to the AP Mass Entry and Voucher as Received tool with added functionality to handle both Freight In and Freight Out entries.

Freight In allows users to link freight bills to purchase order receivings. Freight Out allows users to link freight to OE (sales) line items. The selection is easily made from a drop down field in the header screen.

Once the header section is completed, a user can enter search parameters to bring up a list of purchase orders or sales orders to be allocated to the freight amount. Once this information is updated, the lines can be added to an AP batch within the same screen.

Additional functionality included with the Freight Allocation utility:

  • 'Update Weights' button automatically updates weights from the item master
  • Freight is allocated based on the weighted average taken from the weight of the items
  • Ability to easily manage the PO/OE line selection process
  • Warnings will appear when exceptions occur outside of standard business rules
  • Miscellaneous amounts can be distributed to a number of accounts