Extended OE Price Contracts and Code Updates

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For companies that offer price variations based on location, zip/postal code, zone or regions, the OE Extended Price Codes utility allows easy creation of extended price codes that are not supported by existing Exact Macola ERP functions.

This Business Automation Tool provides an easy and flexible Excel interface for editing custom pricing options such as:

  • Project pricing
  • Alternate address pricing
  • Project/Item pricing
  • Alternate address/Item pricing
  • Project/Item/Customer pricing
  • Alternate address/Item/Product category pricing
  • State, Province or Regional pricing
  • Zip code or Postal code pricing
  • Promotion pricing

The Extended OE Price Codes tool is built on standard Macola logic by providing an extra layer of detail on existing pricing requirements. No batch update is necessary and users have the ability to set the priority of price codes and extended price codes as well as method of calculation.