Excel-based tools for Macola software

Macola offers a complete end-to-end solution, however; our clients have uncovered many instances where small efficiencies can be gained. Over the years, Harvest Ventures has developed a library of Business Automation Tools that bridge the gaps and enhance the efficiency of the process.

Here we outline a set of tools that are run straight from Microsoft Excel. With a minimal amount of set-up required, you can create and update bulk sets of data from one, familiar Excel screen.

Product Category Maintenance

Item No.: E2010

Users can create and modify existing product category/location combinations with this Excel tool.

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Item Master Add

Item No.: E1000

The HV Item Master Add is an all-in-one item builder tool. This tool allows a user to manage every aspect of Item Master and Item Location tables, as well as their makeup.

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Customer Alternate Addresses

Item No.: E2100

This Excel Tool enables Progression users to upload multiple alternate address codes to customer accounts.

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Currency Item Price Maintenance

Item No.: E2050

Create, edit and delete item pricing by currency code into Progression from Excel

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Table Builder for HV Mass Import

Item No.: E1200

This tool takes a special file format and converts it from a grid format to a tabular format that is suitable for importing with several harvest tools. It allows for additional rows and columns to be added or deleted.

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Copy Routings

Item No.: E1450

Copy a specific routing to many other items

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Item Location Order up to Reorder

Item No.: E2000

Manage order-up-to-level and re-order levels in Excel, then import changes into Macola.

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Price Code Maintenance

Item No.: E1500

Extract the current standard Price codes, edit them in Excel and update or append to the OEPRCFIL table in Macola.

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Routing Maintenance

Item No.: E1350

Extract an existing routing from Macola, modify in Excel and update or add as new routing.

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Split Table Excel

Item No.: E1100

This tool takes a Grid like table in Excel and converts it to a Row based structure that is good to import with HV_MacolaImport

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Item Master MRP Maintenance

Item No.: E1050

Displays and updates the Master Resource Plan fields in the Item Master

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BOM Updater

Item No.: E1400

Extract a Bill of Material (BOM) from Excel, edit and then update or append back into Macola.

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Sales Order Updater

Item No.: E1300

Allows users to update multiple sales orders.

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Inventory Tag Updater

Item No.: E1150

Speeds up Inventory Counts. It will Extract data from the tag file, allow the user to enter counts and then Update the tag file in Macola. The tags are then posted normally.

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Item Location Standard Cost Updater

Item No.: E1750

Modify the standard cost of existing item/location combinations in Excel and upload back to Macola.

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Value Added Cost Maintenance

Item No.: E1800

Add a value added cost to items in bulk from Excel.

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Item Note Maintenance

Item No.: E1250

Extract existing notes, edit them in Excel and Update the notes table in Macola. It can add new records as well as update existing ones.

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Cost Update Tool

Item No.: E1900

Quickly update the costs associated with each item in bulk using Excel.

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Vendor Item Maintenance

Item No.: E1650

Create and maintain vendor items in Excel and upload them back to Macola software.

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Shop Floor Operation Close Utility

Item No.: E1850

Allows users to quickly report production by using barcodes.

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Item Location Price Cost Update

Item No.: E1950

Modify the prices of existing item/location combinations in Excel and import back into Macola.

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