Consisting of a complex web of customer orders, engineering changes, HR requests, sales calls or marketing events, the hundreds, if not thousands, of dependent and interrelated business processes involved in standard corporate operations is monumental. Synergy Workflow Management eliminates unnecessary functions through the automation of business processes, establishing standard and rules-based working methods for greater management control and auditing.

With Synergy, workflow consists of request types that are customizable; a request type is any action that occurs within an organization, including those involving appointments, HR requests, training, sales, marketing or finance. All requests are linked with their corresponding resources, projects, assets and documents so that all corporate operations are traceable and interrelated. Only when a task has flowed through the required individual for approval can it then be considered completed. At any time, work can be viewed, remarked on or generate an alarm so that bottlenecks are avoided and follow-through is ensured. By making individual workflows and corporate goals visible, an organization can spot redundancies and decrease errors, while at the same time increasing productivity. With accessibility to the same information and the same set of rules, Synergy enables your company to become more responsible, reliable and proficient.

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