Exact Macola 10 - Personalized Workspaces

Personalized workspaces are views of the ERP software specific to each role or function within an organization. These workspaces are easy to modify to suit individual needs for enhanced productivity.

Exact Macola 10 includes pre-configured workspaces ready to be used as they are or they can be used as a starting point to build more specific workspaces depending on business needs. The workspaces are pre-configured for:

  • Executive
  • Finance
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing
  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Workspaces include drop-down menus giving access to functionality within Exact Macola specific to the user's role and responsibilities. Workspaces also show views to information, reports and graphs that are pertinent to each role so that real time views of key performance indicators are always accessible and top of mind.

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