Exact Macola 10 - Business Process Management

Exact Macola 10's business process management is the framework that connects all departments within the business. It provides staff with the information they need stored as documents against accounts and projects and enables collaboration through workflow functionality.

Workflow Management
The workflow management capabilities can automate such processes as purchasing approvals and design reviews effectively eliminating the routing of that paper file folder that inevitably gets lost on someone's desk and forgotten. This functionality is highly configurable to accommodate specific business process and also comes out of the box with standard workflows to get started.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customers are the lifeblood of your business and as such should not be relegated to a separate software application. With Exact Macola ERP, customers become the centre of your business with all related documentation, transactions and workflow activity clearly visible to staff. Easily manage customer relationships from the beginning of the sales cycle to a well-established relationship by leveraging the information that has been captured to enhance customer service. All information can be reported against and analyzed for fast and effective decision making. It is easy to identify trends and opportunities or areas that should be strengthened to position the business for growth.

Document Management
A feature that is often overlooked but affects every individual in an organization is the paperwork associated with doing business. Much time can be wasted tracking down an order, a file folder, etc. Proper management of business documents can be simple and save businesses a great deal of time by increasing productivity. This feature is standard in Exact Macola 10, also very configurable, documents can be catalogued and stored against appropriate accounts, projects, workflows and transactions for easy access. Security levels can be set and the system is completely integrated with Microsoft Office, including Outlook.

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