Exact Globe ERP Software

For organizations with locations in multiple countries, Exact Globe integrates the entire financial and administrative infrastructure. All transactions – financial, logistics, human resources, sales management, projects and production are contained in a single, central data source with multi-currency and multi-language support.

  • Exact Globe ERP for Manufacturing Exact Globe ERP for Manufacturing

    Up-to-the-minute details on personnel, machinery, supplies, warehousing financials and resources positions businesses for improved manufacturing, service delivery and project management.

  • Exact Globe ERP for Accounting and Distribution Exact Globe ERP for Accounting and Distribution

    Real-time, centrally managed data means purchasers, sales staff and warehouse employees work with the same data and have accurate visibility into orders, receipts and deliveries which improves the ability to meet delivery promises.

  • Exact for Professional Services Exact for Professional Services

    A comprehensive and flexible software application enabling professional services companies to efficiently manage projects, time and billing