For service and supply depots or manufacturers that service the equipment they produce, the key to success is response time and ensuring customers are contacted in time to extend their service contracts before they expire.

It is also important that staff in the field are logging their activities quickly and accurately so that customers are invoiced right away for the services they have consumed.

Service and Supply Depots need an ERP system that will effectively capture detailed information so that the right engineer can be assigned to the job, details on service history can be reviewed quickly and easily and any outstanding activities can be addressed. ERP software for service depots must also provide a clear picture into the materials on hand to ensure the right materials are available at all times.

Field service technicians are the face of the business, they need to be armed with the right information to support clients and easily send feedback into the office so any customer service issues can be addressed immediately. Field Service Technicians also have valuable insight into competitor products and potential sales opportunities. If they can easily enter this information into the ERP system from the field, sales and marketing can capitalize on opportunities in real-time.

Exact ERP provides service depots with an integrated system that is updated in real time so that as field service technicians enter their details into their mobile app, the office staff can see what has happened and respond appropriately. The system is flexible so that businesses can configure fields and processes to align with their business and information requirements.

Best of all, the information captured in Exact ERP can easily displayed in reports and dashboards for timely analysis of all Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Not only that, alerts and triggers can be enabled to further automate business processes and to notify staff of important events such as a missed appointment.

Additional benefits of Exact ERP software for service depots:

  • Improved utilization
  • Automate workorder creation and maintenance schedules
  • Centralize information, documentation, communication and transactions
  • Real-time mobile access
  • Track time and materials by contract, product, location and customer
  • Track the service life and changes on any serialized items

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