Many engineering firms struggle with tracking and managing their company data via several different applications. This takes a lot of administrative time to make double entries and can leave the business prone to data entry errors and inconsistencies. It also poses a challenge when it comes to reporting and analysis of various Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

It is important for professional service firms to gather detailed information during the sales process that can be crucial to project planning and execution. This information must be stored in a central location related to the client and the project so that all project members have access to this information and a clear understanding of the scope.

A project centric ERP is required where documents, work assignments, hours, expenses and accounting are all attached to the project. The information is then accessible and can be analyzed at any time from any location since often times project members are working off site.

Managing rates is another important aspect that must not be overlooked. Often rates differ depending on the client and/or the project and this leaves the company vulnerable to errors, revenue loss and customer service issues if the correct rates are not used. Exact Globe ERP allows you to assign rates to each project which flow through to the accounting module since it is one integrated system.

Exact Globe ERP also allows for easy budget creation using calculation/ WBS having this entered into the project allows for accurate and quick monitoring of project progress.

Project planning is simple to enter, easy to edit and easy to report on. Hour entries are flexible to meet various business requirements. In addition, timesheet, invoicing and financials are all integrated saving a significant amount of time and getting invoices out the door faster.

Because the software is integrated, reporting on project costs, revenue and progress is simple. Analysis can be displayed in an overview dashboard with drilldowns into the data at just a click.

“With Exact Globe, we have been able to reduce our reporting time by 20%”

- Sjoerd van Balen, Group Controller, Tebodin - engineering consultancy with 50 branches in 24 countries

D-ploy GmbH - IT Services provider
D-ploy uses Exact for Project Management to efficiently deliver services and support to their clients and run their operations in six countries.

"In the past it took me almost a whole month before all invoices were sent out. Right now it takes me about three days"

- Bob de Boers, Founder and Managing Director of D-ploy