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The Enhanced Item Location Copy utility from Harvest Ventures allows businesses to select inventory information from one location or company and copy it over to a new location.

This functionality is useful for growing businesses who have opened or acquired new divisions or locations. Product lists can be copied into their new locations/companies without a lot of manual intervention.

The Inventory Item Master set up, Bill of Material structure and Item Vendor information can all be automatically synchronized over multiple locations/companies.

  • This utility offers a great deal of flexibility and allows a user to filter their selection and choose from a list of data fields to copy over or, items can be imported from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Businesses can efficiently manage inventory in multiple locations and multiple companies
  • This tool has an easy to use interface for a fast and efficient process
  • The Enhanced Item Location Copy utility expands on the Macola standard item functionality by allowing users to add new locations and copy a broad range of information.