Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standardized electronic system for communication from one entity to another.

Manufacturers and distributors used EDI to exchange documents such as purchase orders (PO), invoices and advance shipping notices (ASN).

Most often, these exhanges take place between manufacturers/distributors and a retailer (retail trading partner). Retailers (especially larger ones) have very specific requirements that must be met and some make EDI mandatory to do business with them.

EDI is also commonly used to:

  • Share catalogue/inventory information with retail trading partners
  • Receive POS (point of sale) data from retailers for analysis and planning purposes (e.g. sales trends, stock-outs, etc.)
  • Support eCommerce drop shipments to customers
  • Exchange EDI with suppliers, 3PL's (third-party logistics), warehouses, factories, etc.)
  • Harvest Ventures has partnered with two EDI providers to offer our clients a choice for what best suits their needs. Both have extensive experience in working with Exact and Macola ERP software.