Integrated eCommerce Sites for Macola ERP

With an integrated eCommerce solution, your company can grow and manage online business across multiple sales channels, websites and international regions. You can even publish separate business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) websites from the same control panel--each with its own pricing, content, promotions, and purchase rules--for dealers, distributors, retailers, and OEMs.

B2B manufacturers and distributors can offer customers an online login where they can enter orders and view inventory updates, order status, specialized pricing, quantity breaks and order history. Instead of manual processes driving order or inventory data, customers will now have an automatic method to place orders and get updates that is seamless, accurate, and traceable. B2C companies can create flexible, customizable B2C Web stores, even publishing multiple stores using the same control panel. Customer can create their own account, with continued editing and maintenance capabilities of their account information. B2B/B2C companies can create an online catalog for consumers to browse without any pricing or ability to purchase. Both eCommerce and Macola data is used to display item descriptions, categorizations, availability and more. Customers can be directed to a dealer locator to purchase, which automatically filters on customer type data in Macola.

As a hosted solution, Sniperdyne eCommerce makes it easy to automatically upload and download order, customer, and inventory status data from multiple websites and online order forms, to and from Macola accounting and inventory tables.

Business Benefits:

  • Sales Tax: Traditional Macola tax codes are used or, if real-time sales tax calculation is required, the Avalara solution can save time spent on complex compliance processing.
  • Orders: New orders placed by customers on the Website are pushed into Macola, after which changes such as ship dates, tracking numbers, etc. are put back up onto the Website for customer viewing.
  • Automatic replication: If for any reason the Website connection to your Macola system becomes disconnected, customers can still enter orders on the Website. As soon as a connection is restored, your Website and Macola automatically synchronize and update all data. No operator intervention is required.
  • Custom design services can create Web stores resembling your corporate Websites, or use HTML templates.


Mass Credit Card processing functionality that works seamlessly with Sniperdyne's NOMAD eCommerce, read more >> (Brochure)