An eCommerce solution gives businesses a way to sell their products on the Internet as an online store.

A company’s products and services are displayed in an organized fashion similar to a paper catalogue with categories and products listed logically within each category. Each product can generally display multiple images to give the buyer a clear idea of what the product looks like as well as a company description, product specs, pricing, the ability to select various attributes such as quantity, colour, size, etc. Most importantly, buyers can add product to a virtual shopping cart for purchase.

Most will be familiar with seeing online stores to purchase consumer products (B2C) but these sites can also work very well for business to business (B2B) sales in place of printing paper catalogues and taking phone, fax or paper orders.

An eCommerce solution can be especially efficient when it is integrated with a business’ accounting and inventory system (ERP software). When eCommerce is integrated, orders submitted from the online store go directly into the accounting system as an order. A new buyer can enter their information online and will automatically become a customer in the accounting system and as inventory is bought and sold, the online store and the inventory system are updated in real-time. Many manual tasks and duplicate entries are eliminated with an integrated eCommerce solution saving businesses time and helping them to improve customer service by delivering orders faster with less errors.

Harvest Ventures works with Sniperdyne eCommerce who has developed an integrated online store for Macola ERP software so that clients can automate their ordering process online and realize the benefits of the an integrated eCommerce solution.

  • eCommerce by Sniperdyne eCommerce by Sniperdyne

    Designed for Macola project managers, customer service and IT administrators, eCommerce by Sniperdyne cuts the cost and streamlines the design, integration and management of online orders and Web stores.