Dual Units of Measure and Catch Weight

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The Dual Units of Measure utility will eliminate time wasted on unit conversion and mistakes caused by inconsistent units of measurement.

The additional stocking unit of measure can be added at the lot level or to the item location quantity. All inventory transactions, purchase order screens, order entry and inventory stock reports will then show both units of measure.

Catch Weight

Catch weights are used in industries such as the food industry where products can differ by weight and/or by size.

In this case, both units of measure are captured - the inventory unit and the catch weight unit. The inventory unit is used in invoicing and the catch weight unit is used for inventory transactions (e.g. transfers, picking, etc.)

Harvest Ventures has developed a tool to manage catch weight functionality directly within Progression and Macola ERP software.

Some of the benefits of this Business Automation Tool include:

  • Accessible, easy-to-view utility that documents your shipping information with great structure and organization
  • View and edit details such as: shipping items being stored in a warehouse, quantity on hand, quantity allocated, quantity back ordered
  • Capture weights for various box sizes and view information in detail or summary format
  • Interfaces with warehouse capture systems to populate quantity shipped on the sales order line