Data Conversion

Harvest Ventures assists clients with integrating data from other sources into their new ERP system. We discuss data conversion strategies early in the implementation, so that the required data is available during the Conference-Room Pilot Phase. This allows the conversion to be tested for completeness. In our experience with conversions, these are never one-step processes. Expect this to be an interactive process as you add richness to your data as you expand the setup of your new system.

In anticipation of Data Conversion, Clients clearly define who will be the internal owner of the data conversion with responsibility for the various master files. A necessary element is the file definitions of the outside system information. The internal data team will work closely with Harvest's conversion team to ensure that the data elements of the old system are translated over to the new system.

The designated "owner" of the original master files should have roots in the operational side of the business to better relate to the use of the required information. This person does not need an information systems background but rather a detailed knowledge of the meaning of the current and historical data.

Business Benefits:

  • Harvest provides templates for field mapping between master files of the existing data and new system. These tools allow the client to do much of the preparation in house saving time and money.
  • The number of iterations of the conversion process depends on the effectiveness of field mapping between master files of the old and new application. Usually the basic information is converted in the first pass, followed by the "would like to have" information from the old system.
  • Although history may be desirable from the old system, most often the historical data may not be robust. Historical files may require additional cross reference tables to substitute obsolete items or accounts for new codes set up in your new ERP application.
  • Integration tools allow for easy import of data on an ongoing basis for live updates from third party solutions as required.