Change and Delete Fields

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Harvest Ventures' Change and Delete Fields utility is an easy and dynamic method for changing key values such as item number, customer numbers and other values throughout the Macola Databases.

This routine will take input from an Excel spreadsheet consisting of old value and the new value. Our Change and Delete BAT will move through all tables and all columns in the Macola database and replace the old value with the new value. A merge feature allows multiple old values to be merged into one new value to combine master records as well as all transaction records for these accounts.

If you are revising your master file code numbering process completely, or just cleaning up records that have not followed your rules, this easy to use BAT handles this cleanup chore quickly and completely.

  • Easy to use for cleaning up old data and fixing mistakes
  • Great for acquisitions when item numbers and customer need to be combined into a single database
  • Recode customers or vendors that are bought out or merged for easier searches following your rules
  • Allows users to make fixes without allowing them access to the SQL database.