Business Automation Tools for Macola ES ERP Software

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Item No.: B2900

Harvest Ventures' EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) utility provides Macola users with the functionality to create EFT export files for any bank or currency.

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Enhanced Item Location Copy

Item No.: B1650

Enjoy this easier method to manage Inventory in multiple locations and in multiple companies. Synchronize your Inventory Item Master setups over multiple companies and/or locations.

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Enhanced Multi-Level View

Item No.: B2800

Harvest Ventures' Custom Multi Level View BAT offers an extremely dynamic and custom viewing experience for the user.

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Enhanced Purchase Order View

Item No.: B2100

Harvest Ventures' Enhanced Purchase Order View utility allows the user to quickly, and easily, view the current purchase orders and efficiently monitor all of the purchasing that is accounted for at a warehouse level.

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Flexibility & VBA Code Reader

Item No.: B2050

Harvest Venture's Flexibilty and VBA Code Reader BAT allows the user to: Import selective projects into the Flexdata table, provide a back up of the project as new projects are added, and allows easy transfer of Single Flex projects from test to live environments.

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Freight Allocation Utility

Item No.: B2350

Minimize the need to re-key data by automating the freight allocation process in Macola ERP software. Enter a voucher, allocate to appropriate transactions and create an AP Entry all in one smooth process.

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Inventory Transfer Automation

Item No.: B1600

The Inventory Transfer Utility is designed to allow mass transfers of items from one location to another.

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Macola Distribution Imports

Item No.: B1050

This tool will allow you to interface sales orders, items and customers from your external Excel data directly into Macola.

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Macola Update Tables

Item No.: B2500

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Multi-Company Multi-Level View

Item No.: B2850

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OE Rental Tracking

Item No.: B2650

This utility provides several flexible options for tracking and managing rental items within Macola.

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On Line Editor To Update Min/Max and Shelf Locations

Item No.: B1700

This easy to use Editor gives you many filters to select the group of items to update.

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Return to Vendor Automation

Item No.: B1800

Harvest Venture's Return to Vendor Automation utility keeps your returned goods quantity separated and visible for follow up with suppliers on pending credit memos.

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Service History of Serialized Items

Item No.: B1400

Harvest Venture's service tracking BAT (Business Automation Tool) can be used to track the service life and changes on any Macola serialized items.

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Universal Data Loader Imports & Exports

Item No.: B1850

Import and export Macola tables to and from Excel with the Universal Data Loader.

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Accounts Payable Voucher as Received and Mass Entry Tool

Item No.: B1000

This tool is designed to speed up your entry of Accounts Payable (AP) vouchers clearing multiple Purchase Order (PO) receipts on a single screen.

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Scan to AP Voucher

Item No.: S1100

Paper and PDF invoices can be scanned and imported into Macola as orders with minimal user intervention.

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Direct Entry To Macola GL from Spreadsheet

Item No.: B1200

This tool allows users to make entries directly into the Exact Macola General Ledger by importing them from a spreadsheet.

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Scan to Order Entry

Item No.: S1000

Paper and PDF purchase orders can be scanned and imported into Macola as orders with minimal user intervention.

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Extended OE Price Contracts and Code Updates

Item No.: B1100

Create and manage additional detailed price codes beyond the standard Macola Price Contracts.

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Shipping Container Tracking and Setup

Item No.: B1350

Container Tracking is a tool that assists companies that ship products by container load or truck load with multiple POs and want to simplify the processes associated with the shipments.

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Dual Units of Measure and Catch Weight

Item No.: B1500

Multiple Units of Measure and Catch weight functionality for Macola and Progression ERP software allows users to store two or more units-of-measure parallel but independent from each other throughout each business transaction which is based on actual data.

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GL Sub Ledger Import

Item No.: B1750

Eliminate repetitive manual entries by importing general journal transactions into Exact Macola ERP software with the GL Sub Ledger Import Utility

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Credit Card Processing

Item No.: B1900

The credit card processing utility for Macola is designed to save time and money by reducing data entry and streamlining the authorization process.

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Import Accounts Payable (AP) from Excel

Item No.: B2000

This import utility is great for repetitive entries, such as dividing up payroll entries as well as assigning and distributing overhead costs.

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