Business Automation Tools for Exact and Macola ERP Software

Harvest Ventures is pleased to offer customized software solutions with features designed to meet your unique business requirements. We understand that off the shelf doesn't always provide a perfect fit with your company's needs.

To help, our customization members utilize such tools as Crystal Report Writer, Visual Basic for Applications and Microsoft Visual Basic to give you a more complete software package.

Our approach is to create tools independent of the back office database version to allow for hassle free updates to your basic ERP application.

Business Automation Tools (BATs) - fill a functional gap or further enhance Macola functionality
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Excel Tools - aid in creating and modifying large amounts of data in Macola
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Please select your ERP software below to view a list of Business Automation Tools (BATs) available.

  • Tools by Business Area Tools by Business Area

    Whether you're looking to streamline order entry, accounts payable or manage your master data, Harvest Ventures has a tool to help.

  • Tools by Product Tools by Product

    Select the software product you use to view a list of compatible Business Automation Tools.

  • Excel Based Tools Excel Based Tools

    Harvest Ventures has developed a set of tools that are run straight from Microsoft Excel. With a minimal amount of set-up required, you can create and update bulk sets of data from one, familiar Excel screen.