Bin Restriction Tool for WiSys WMS

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If you are a manufacturer or distributor using WiSys WMS for your warehouse management, making sure your inventory has been put in the right place is a key concern.

Standard Macola and WiSys functionality allows users to manually create bins on the fly.

This standard functionality provides users with ease of use and flexibility, however; it can also result in duplicate bins or products being received into non-existent bins due to spelling errors, numbers reversed, etc.).

By using this simple Bin Restriction tool in your warehouse, you have the added security of knowing that your bin master data structure will be clean and your inventory can be found in the expected location.

[BROCHURE] Bin Restriction Tool for WiSys WMS

How it works:

The Bin Restriction tool will restrict all receiving on the guns to allow only bins in the WiSys Bin master to be used in a receiving transactions.

If the Bin selected on the gun does not exist in the WiSys Bin master, the users will see a pop-up message. The user will have to select the correct bin to proceed.

The monitoring and messaging will appear on the following screens:

  • IM Receipt to WiSys Bin
  • IM Transfer to WiSys Bin
  • PO Receipt to WiSys Bin
  • Put Away to WiSys Bin
  • POP Put Away to WiSys Bin