Jan 2013

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Exact Customer Portal
Exact Customer Portal is your access to your software upgrades, training, support and lots more. If you need your access reset or you are not aware that you have access contact Kimberley and we will get you set up.
Exact Customer Login Portal

Software Upgrades
Keep your software current by looking for Hot Fixes and new releases on the customer portal, there currently are hot fixes for Progression
7.8.800 and ES 9.5.900 with an update coming early in 2013.
Ensure your staff is making use of new features, check the documentation on new features that are released with the upgrades.
Harvest Ventures can help, organize an annual training session with users to refresh old tricks and learn new ones. Call Harvest today to set up your training session today.

An Example of a Little Used Functional Enhancement is:...

Order Entry Power Inquiry
The power inquiries are additional views that offer a drill-down and side-by-side display of an order summary and line item details. There are power inquiries by order number, customer purchase order number, and ship-to locations.
  • Power Inquiry by Order Number -- This allows you to select all orders or only open orders. From this screen you can drill down to Order Entry View or Order Entry History View.
  • Power Inquiry by Customer P/O -- This is similar to the Power Inquiry by Order Number. However, you view information by the customer purchase order number.
  • Power Inquiry by Ship-To -- This is similar to the Power Inquiry by Order Number. However, you view information by the ship to number for a customer.
  • Power Price Inquiry -- This allows you to look up sales and purchase history with general information about a customer and item. From this view, you can the Item Period History View, which shows the quantity sold, quantity used, sales, and cost for the item for the previous periods.
Harvest BATS

Greenlight - Freight Management Solution

Greenlight is the most comprehensive freight quoting tool for Exact Software. It has the ability to extract the order details from your ERP software and simultaneously display freight rates from multiple carriers with a click of a button. Finally a solution that will save your customer service representatives significant time while increasing the bottom line.
Harvest BAT Brochures
  • Container Tracking
  • Macola ES GL Direct Import
  • ACH Export
  • Field Service Tracker
  • and many more. If you don't see something you are looking for, let us know, we may have it or we could possibly develop it for you.
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