June 11, 2013

Contract Management

Harvest Ventures has numerous Business Automation Tools (BATs) that extend Macola Progression, ES and Synergy functionality for clients who have requests that don't make the cut for the Exact product enhancements.

Contract Management Allows for the ability to combine and view all aspects of vendor or customer contracts in a dynamic view.

  • Brings together all relevant activity in: Sales, Accounts Payable including Prepaid, Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable, Historic Account Payables, 3rd Party Information
  • Contract Management provides the ability to evaluate all aspects of a contract including the amount consumed, and the amount outstanding by contract
  • Allows for easy set up of the environments including label names, security & other interface tools
  • Excel, Crystal and SSRS Reports can be run from the Reports Button on the screen
  • Can be used for single or multiple databases
  • Additional Charges Setup button allows you to setup a large number of additional freight, brokerage and other charges
  • Able to Auto Create Purchase Orders and Contracts is included
  • Includes dynamic grid set up of all labels and grid view elementsIncludes the ability to manage prepaid transactions.

Our developers work in Flexibility, VB & .NET to create custom solutions to meet your specs. We make everything from small tools to make life easier to large solutions that address operational gaps.

To view a short list of our BATs click Harvest Bats - and we will be happy to help. If you are interested in seeing our Resellers Agreement contact Kimberley - kimberley@harvestvi.com and she will sign you up.

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