Accounts Payable Voucher as Received and Mass Entry Tool

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The AP Mass Entry utility allows one vendor voucher to be applied to multiple PO’s with an accurate, easy to use process. Whether it is a voucher to be applied against multiple PO’s or a voucher to be applied against several lines on a single PO, this utility provides the AP Clerk with easy check box options to streamline the voucher entry process.

Users can prepare batches over time, place batches on hold and import vouchers from an Excel spreadsheet.


  • Uses standard Macola functionality; pre-post check before posting in Macola
  • Easy check box options to streamline the purchase order line selection and matching process; allows selection of Multiple PO's and lines to be assigned to one voucher
  • Full view of all open PO’s for a vendor, allowing for greater visibility

Additional flexibility offers the user the ability to override quanitity invoiced and actual cost and also select freight, miscellaneous and tax accounts for distribution.

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