Harvest Ventures Customer News - June 2018

Welcome to Summer 2018

It's been awhile since we've sent you an update but we've lots of interesting news to share with you!

Before we get started, please note that the Harvest Ventures office will be closed on Monday, July 2nd in recognition of Canada Day.

If you need assistance, please email: support@harvestvi.com (mailto:support@harvestvi.com) and your request will be addressed when the office re-opens on Tuesday, July 3rd.



Two days of hands-on workshops to take solutions from demo to daily use.

On September 18th and 19th, Harvest Ventures is hosting two days of hands-on Macola-related workshops at the Hockley Valley Resort in Mono, Ontario. This two-day event brings together Harvest Ventures Staff, Technology Partners and businesses who run Macola across Canada. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

This just in: Data Masons Software for EDI will be participating as well!

Click here to download the brochure >>

This conference will provide you with the information and skills you need to fine tune your use of Macola from a department level through to your overall technology strategy. Your team can return to your office refreshed and equipped with a plan and clear steps on where to take Macola next.

Macola’s Technology Partners will bring expert knowledge in key functional areas and insight into how other businesses in your industry leverage Macola tools for efficiency. We can help you get the most success from these partnerships. We’ll make sure you understand the key implementation factors and the work involved in making the implementation a success.

Registration includes meals and optional hotel stay.

Click here to download the brochure for more details >>

Contact Susan at Harvest Ventures at 1-403-202-0577 to reserve your seat today!

A New Ruling Could Mean Tax Changes for Canadian Businesses

Canadian Businesses can no longer assume they are exempt from US sales tax laws.

The recent ruling in the case called South Dakota v. Wayfair case allows states to make vendor collection and remittance of sales tax for out-of-state sellers, like internet based sales companies mandatory.

The US Supreme Court has overturned previous decisions regarding the taxation of purchases made from businesses physically located outside the State.


The Forgotten Question of Data Backups

The move toward cloud-based applications like Microsoft Office 365 enables users to access their information anytime, anywhere. This has lead to a common misconception that data is backed up because it's stored in the cloud.

The same misconception of Office 365 backups is a commonly held misconception about the integrity of entire databases and their backups.


Harvest Ventures offers technical services to maintain the integrity of your companies database in the form of ERP software health checks.

If you'd like to schedule a system health check, contact us today >>

Macola Software Product Updates

Are you running the latest version of your software by Macola?

Product Version Release Notes
Macola 10 10.7.0 Document 28.498.813
Macola ES 9.7.5 Document 28.498.795
Progression 7.9.100 Document 28.501.744

If you need assistance with an upgrade, please contact Kimberley: 1-403-202-0577

Exact Software Product Updates

Are you running the latest version of your software by Exact?

The summer release is expected to be announced in mid-July, watch the Exact Customer Portal for more information.

Product Version Release Notes
Exact Globe 415 Document 28.052.451
Exact Synergy Enterprise 260 Document 28.050.825

Service packs: As of June 18, 2018 there are new service packs available, please read this article for more detail: http://blogs.exact.com/support/en/2018/06/new-service-packs-available-39

If you need assistance with an upgrade, please contact Kimberley: 1-403-202-0577

Macola 101: How to use Bin Master Maintenance

Running an efficient manufacturing or distribution business means being able to find parts and product quickly and accurately.

Using bins in your warehouse allows you to better utilize floor space and offers better organization and logic, making for a more efficient experience when picking items.

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We wish all of our customers a safe and enjoyable long weekend!