Harvest Ventures Customer News - October 2015

As Thanksgiving season comes upon us, we have a lot to be thankful for!

The Harvest Team has been busy working with many clients on projects of all different 'shapes and sizes' and to help, we have brought on board some new staff members:

  • Gail Bury is your new Customer Care Manager so please reach out to her with any questions or concerns you have.
  • Ray Vitkus has become a permanent staff member to help with the growing use of EM10, Event Manager (Exact & Vineyardsoft) as well as EBA (Exact Business Analytics).
  • Martine Quintin is a Consultant working with our customers in Quebec.
  • Dean Brennan has joined our team as a Business Analyst / Application Developer

We are happy to have these talented folks as part of our team and to be a part of Exact Macola's revitalized ecosystem. We continue to work closely with all departments at Exact and were quite pleased with the information we received at September's Edge Partner Conference with regard to Exact Macola's direction. 


There are few compatibility requirements you should keep in mind.

New computers are now being sold with Microsoft Office 365 available. Although this can save you some money, you need to have the full version installed in order to run the Microsoft Office Integration with Exact Macola and Exact Synergy/Exact Synergy Enterprise.

Please take a look at the applicable documents below to learn more about system requirements and compatibility.


In September, Harvest Ventures held our first User Roundup for Exact ERP users in Quebec. This first meeting was general in nature giving customers the opportunity to speak with Nola and Bruce as well as two representatives from Exact - Lisa Wise and Kenneth Sewell.

On September 25, the Ontario User Roundup took place in Cambridge. It was a full room for Kenneth Sewell's presentation on SSRS Reports!

About SSRS Reports

SSRS stands for "SQL Server Reporting Services" and this is a feature that comes with SQL Server beginning in version 2008 R2.

There is software included on your SQL Server install disc that allows you to create SSRS reports.

These SSRS reports can be deployed in Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Macola 10 including the mobile apps.

The benefit of deploying them through Exact Synergy Enterprise is that access is controlled through ESE's user security meaning you don't have to deal with administration of access and rights on a reporting server.

With Exact Macola 10's workspaces functionality, users can launch Macola screens directly from the SSRS reports they are viewing.

If you would like to learn more about SSRS Reports, please contact Kimberley:
1-403-202-0577 | marketing@harvestvi.com.

Warehouse Management System for Exact Macola Progression, ES, EM10

Our next User Roundups will take place in November - one in The Toronto Area (Nov 18) and one in Quebec (Nov 19).

We have scheduled a representative from WiSys to present their Warehouse Management System for Exact Macola.

WiSys' co-founder Bruce Hollinger is also the founder of Macola Software (1982). This WMS system was developed specifically for Macola software beginning in 2004.

If you are interested in learning more about WiSys WMS Software, please contact Alisia to register:
marketing@harvestvi.com | 1-403-202-0577.


In July, the much talked-about releases of Exact Globe and Exact Synergy Enterprise were made generally available.

You can read about the features in the blog post as well as in the release notes listed below.

If you need assistance with your upgrade, please contact Kimberley:
1-403-202-0577 | marketing@harvestvi.com.


Exact Macola has released an update to Exact Macola Progression - 7.8.500.

Noted functional changes include:

  • Order Entry – Line item cost now reflected on inventory management transaction history report
  • Order Entry – Audit report trail shows when orders are placed on hold
  • Activity trx by shop order screen show parent item and description

In addition, they have listed 50 bug fixes.

For more details, please visit the Exact Macola Progression Reference Library in the Exact Customer Portal: Document: 00.655.994 - Progression Series Reference Library.

If you need assistance with your upgrade, please contact Kimberley:
1-403-202-0577 | marketing@harvestvi.com.


October 12 - Closed
October 26 - Limited Availability
October 27 - Limited Availability
October 28 - Limited Availability
October 29 - Limited Availability

During this time, our phones will be transferred to Ray Vitkus in the United States who will be available to take your call from 8am - 5pm ET. If Ray cannot assist you he will initiate the support request and ensure it is followed up on October 13.

Also, all Harvest Ventures staff will be in the Calgary office for meetings October 26-29. We will still be able to assist you but you may experience longer than normal response times. 

If you have a support issue, please follow the standard procedure - call the office 1-403-202-0577 or send an email to support@harvestvi.com. Any urgent issues will be dealt with as soon as possible.

We'd like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving season and thank you for your business, we appreciate you all!