Harvest Ventures Customer News - December 2013 - OE Import Tool

New orders are the bread and butter of your company which means order entry is a key function of your business.  So, it's important that your orders are entered quickly and accurately ensuring the right product is delivered to your customer on time.

The Order Import tool for Exact Macola by Harvest Ventures enables you to automate order entry reducing the need to enter orders manually - an expensive and time consuming practice prone to errors.

Some features of the OE Import utility include:

  • Import from Excel file (text or spreadsheet)
  • Multiple user defined mappings from Excel to Exact Macola
  • Direct import from worksheet name
  • Create new customers and items on the fly
  • Create PO's and Production Orders
  • Handles OE cash entries
  • Handles binned and serial/lot items


These days orders come into your business from different sources in various formats.  Harvest's Order Import utility offers the flexibility to import regardless of the source by using a universal tool - Excel, to format the data.  This also makes the tool user friendly and reduces the burden on I.T.

To learn more about the Order Import utility for Exact Macola and other Business Automation Tools Harvest Ventures has to offer, contact Kimberley.