Product Cost & Data Accuracy

We recognize the critical need to apply continuous improvement strategies to the office, just as in the manufacturing plant. By having the tools that measure business activities and integrate the key functions, documents, processes, and data that are critical to your business, you can build a leaner enterprise. This product facilitates seamless collaboration within its powerful solutions to enable you to share documents, track projects, manage schedules, automate business processes, and monitor communications of all relevant activities.

Features enable businesses to provide access to documents and work-in-process securely through roles to internal team members, customers, and business partners, as well as maintain schedules and calendars that are accessible at any time, anywhere for all corporate-related resources (employees, consultants, contractors).

Business Benefits:

  • Automate workflow processes, documents and materials so that these components are centralized, integrated, and made visible to the organization, the supplier, and the customer.
  • Confront the resource challenges of organizations with tools that empower employees at all levels and across departments, to perform their jobs and guarantee continuous improvements.
  • Ensure that non-conformances are identified, tracked, and stored properly while allowing stakeholders (customers and suppliers) to initiate the appropriate corrective action.
  • Give remote employees the same access as those in headquarters to contact information, schedules, documents, projects, workflows. Trackable and visible workflow tasks render the status of assignments and those accountable transparent.

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